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Canadian Fellows/Fellows canadiennes

The IWF Leadership Foundation’s Fellows Class comprises rising women leaders from 15 nations. Fellows will begin their program year with orientation and training in conjunction with the IWF World Leadership Conference. They also will participate in programs at Harvard Business School in Cambridge, Massachusetts and at INSEAD’s global campus in Fontainebleau, France. Together, the IWF and its Leadership Foundation are promoting better leadership for a changing world.

IWF Canada is proud to congratulate the following 2016-17 Fellows from Canada: 

  • Bambina Marcello, Director, Business Development, Air Canada
  • Eleanor Marshall, Vice-President, Pension and Benefits, Bell Canada
  • Claudia Thompson, Managing Director, Health and Public Service, Accenture

Other Canadians who have participated in this program include:

  • Mary-Ann Bell
  • Barbara Bellissimo
  • France Castonguay
  • Sylvianne Chaput
  • Tara Deacon
  • Anne-Marie Dunn
  • Maria Churchill
  • Danielle Ferron
  • Pascale Fournier
  • Wendy Freeman
  • Gail Galea
  • Claire Gillies
  • Chantal Glenisson
  • Melanie Goodchild 
  • Franca Gucciardia 
  • Christine Hanson
  • Amy Jarek
  • Jenine Krause
  • Commander Josée Kurtz
  • B. Lynn Loewen
  • Domenica Maciocia
  • Ellen Malcolmson
  • Jess Mann
  • Janice McDonald
  • Nikki Moffat
  • Lili-Anna Paresa
  • Maureen Reid
  • Anne Sado
  • Josie Scioli
  • Patricia Tremaine
  • Elizabeth Tropea
  • Heather Tulk
  • Vanda Vicars
  • Louise Villeneuve
  • Katy Waugh
  • Leslie Woo
  • Linda Zhou